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The EDA logo is the symbol of the professional electrical distributor. EDA is the trade association for the electrical wholesale distribution industry in the UK and it’s members include the biggest names in the industry, as well as regional and local family run operations such as Group B.

The EDA provides an environment in which Group B can enhance its business and develop the market through discussion, communication and education.

Group B are proud of it’s association with AWEBB, the fastest growing buying group in the UK. Being an AWEBB member gives Group B the buying power of a National, whilst retaining it’s independant service ethos.
The national network of inter trading through AWebb’s ‘ElectraCentre’ outlets enables Group B customers the ability to receive the highest levels of technical support and unrivalled national stocks at the best prices from any independent member in the UK.
Every ElectraCentre outlet is independently owned just like Group B and can offer you the same high quality products at the same rates you negotiate with Group B.

Whether in Mainland UK, The Channel Islands or Northern Ireland you can rest assured you’re never too far away from an ElectraCentre and Group B.
Owned by the Members and exclusively for the the Members, Electracentre Distribution is akin to having an extra 10,000 sq feet of warehouse space.